Within the Environmental sector, SOCAP works in three main fields: storage of hazardous products, treatment of waste water and the collection and treatment of solid waste.

The equipment for water treatment covers both industrial waters (lamellar settlers, oil separators, …) and urban waters (septic tanks, filter tanks, grease separators, …)

Treatment of Waste, Industrial and Urban Waters

SOCAP offers a wide range of equipment for the treatment of industrial waste water:

– Surface settlers
– Lamellar settlers
– Coagulation/floculation tanks
– Sludge thickeners
– Grease and oil separators
– Auxiliary equipment (man-holes, …)
– Septic tanks
– Filter tanks (sludge beds)
– Oxidisation tanks (active sludge)
– Settling tank
– Grease separators, screening tanks, …

Furthermore, SOCAP has a highly qualified technical team capable of offering technical solutions tailored to the requirements of our clients.