SOCAP designs, manufactures and commercialises equipment for the storage and handling of all types of chemical, food, water fluids and especially for all hazardous, toxic and corrosive products.

SOCAP offers the widest range in fluid storage tanks manufactured in fibre glass reinforced polyester, both for single and double walls: surface and underground tanks, vertical and horizontal tanks …

Our clients include the most important industrial, chemical, food and water treatment companies in the country.

Fluid storage tanks

For over 40 years, SOCAP has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of fluid storage tanks, from simple water tanks to tanks built to store the most hazardous chemical products.

It is in this field of high performance fluids where SOCAP stands out in full force, as we can provide our wide experience, sophisticated manufacturing process and high level qualifications of our personnel to achieve the maximum quality and safety for our clients.


SOCAP offers a wide range of products for the storage of fluids: surface and underground tanks, vertical and horizontal tanks, with legs or flat bottoms, silos, man-holes, vats, …

There is always a SOCAP product that will adapt to the requirements of our clients.