SOCAP is the undisputed market leader concerning double-wall polyester tanks for the storage of hydrocarbon fuels. The main advantages of our products are their high performance both from a mechanical point of view and concerning safety and protection of the environment.

Furthermore, SOCAP offers a wide range of products for Service Stations: sealed chambers for access to tanks, oil separators, water storage tanks, treatment units, …

The most important oil companies in our country are among our clients, as well as several of the main distribution companies.

Other Equipment

SOCAP manufactures and commercialises man-holes in polyester reinforced with fibre glass, which ensure a totally hermetic access to tanks. Their design and manufacture guarantee the highest level of mechanical resistance to support the weight of traffic.

Due to their special design, these man-holes are extremely simple to install and facilitate the work of operators, with the resulting saving of costs.

Apart from the range of products already mentioned, SOCAP supplies, as an option, the leak detection system that best adapts to the requirements of our clients: from a vacuum detection system with a regenerative pump to detection probes.